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Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC244818) first registered in 2003

The Directors are: David John Bruce Durie
David Donald Alexander James Durie

Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is based in Edinburgh, Scotland




It is probably best to ignore most "Clan and Family" Maps, as these are usually a snapshot from one time, and do not necessarily reflect everywhere your ancestors lived

Genealogy-based Ancestral Tours

Organise an authentic tour of your Family or Clan ancestral heartlands based on your Genealogy. Self-drive or guided by an expert.

Is your ancestry in the Highlands, the Lowland or the Borders of Scotland?
It makes sense to visit your original heartlands, rather than take a generic tour and possibly miss out all the places your ancestors lived and worked.

We work with a number of Ancestral Tour companies, primarily Clan Chief Tours, run by Jamie, Lord Sempill, Chief of the Name and Arms of Sempill.

Contact Dr. Bruce Durie for more information or email Jamie Sempill direct


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