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DNA test interpretation

Confused by what your DNA results mean? Have them interpreted. Unclear on Y-DNA, autosomal DNA and mitochondrial-DNA? Guidance is here.

Y-DNA - this can link you to genetic relatives as far back as 1,000 years distant.

autosomal DNA - cousin matches 5 to 6 generations back, plus "ethnicity estimates" which are unreliable

mitochondrial DNA - maternal line from a male or a female

Autosomal DNA (at-DNA) - this analyses the totality of your DNA - whether male or female - and can help you research all your "cousin" lines back 5 to 6 generations, about 200 years.
  Some of these matches may have connected "paper" genealogies that can help you break down brick walls and log-jams.

Take an at-DNA test.

There are a number of these from different testing companies - Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23&Me etc. Ancestral Scotland Ltd. recommends and will only interpret test results from Family Tree DNA - in this case the Family Finder test. See

  If you have been tested by a company other than Family Tree DNA, it may be possible to transfer these results into the Family Tree DNA database.

Mistrust ethnicity estimates
Most companies who provide at-DNA testing will produce an estimate of "Ethnicity" or "Origins". These should be taken with a large pinch of skepticism. They are usually based on:
  • samples of modern-day populations in various countries - but the genetic admixture of a country may have changed a lot since your ancestors lived there
  • what test participants claim to be their ancestral origins - which may be wrong, or not what they think.

This does not mean "39% of your ancestry is from Central Europe"
It means “39% of your DNA is similar to the DNA of modern populations in that area”.
And saying "61% from England, Wales and Scotland" is not very helpful, genealogically.
Also, these estimates differ wildly between the various testing companies.

Some people also take these tests:

  Y-DNA - for males only, indicating origins and matches as far as 1,000 years ago.

  mitochondrial DNA - maternal line back from a male or a female who takes a test.

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