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Examples of Patents of Arms on vellum

Gallery of Arms
Recent grants and matriculations

Scottish Heraldry and Arms

Could you have your own legal, personal Scottish Coats of Arms, granted by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland?

There are many misconceptions about heraldry, not least that it is:

  • snobbish

  • only for the "great and the good"
  • a hangover from mediaeval times
  • colourful and historically interesting, but irrelevant

Far from it!
Heraldry is a living, breathing science, especially in those countries where it has the full force of Statue Law (Scotland and Canada, for example) or reasonably well-regulated (England, Ireland and the US Military).

Beyond that, heraldry may contain clues to the origins of a family and the relationships between those bearing similar arms.

Arms are the personal, legal and heritable property of one person at a time.
There is NO SUCH THING as a "family coat of Arms" nor any
"armigerous" Clans or Families. Nor is it justifiable to use Arms downloaded from the internet as if they were your own just because the surname is the same as yours. It may well be completely wrong and is tantamount to property theft - in some jurisdictions (Scotland, for instance) this is punishable by fines, confiscation and imprisonment.

Could you have a legal Coat of Arms?
For those who wish to be granted arms legally and correctly, we can help - in any jurisdiction.

Download this Guide to Getting Scottish Arms


A few guiding principles...

A Crest is not the same as Arms

The crest is one component of the overall "achievement" of Arms

The Crest may be incorporated into a badge

This is worn by anyone expressing a connection to the Armiger - clan or family members, for example.


Crest in a badge

As used on a kilt pin

As used on a plaid brooch

See The Science of Blazoning Arms - a guide for beginners

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