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Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC244818) first registered in 2003

The Directors are: David John Bruce Durie
David Donald Alexander James Durie

Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is based in Edinburgh, Scotland






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Books by Dr. Bruce Durie
From genealogy and history to Victorian Crime Fiction and Comic Fantasy


Your Scottish-American Ancestry cover

Your Scottish-American Ancestry (Limited Edition)

Researching your Scottish ancestry from America, with Family History sources, musings on aspects of Scottishness, inheritance, migration, land and maps, heraldry, DNA, hints and tips, and more.

Scottish Genealogy
4th Edition (2017)

"Easy reading as Dr Bruce Durie knows how to relate to beginners who become experts like I intend to."

Understanding Documents for Genealogy and Local History

"Very comprehensive and detailed book. I have already applied some of what I have learned and have recommended the book to others."

Welsh Genealogy (2012)
Paperback  or Kindle version

"An excellent book explaining all aspects of Welsh Genealogy and plenty more about Family Genealogy. A good book for the money."


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ScotClans - Scottish Clans and Scottish Shopping

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The best place for everything Scottish, including ethical
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This is the largest Clan and Family resource online, with a massive amount of information to help you discover your Scottish Heritage, including over 350 Clan & Family areas with maps, galleries, stories, news and a huge variety of links. Check out:

Clan Chief Tours
Have your Ancestral Tour organised and led by Jamie, Lord Sempill, Chief of Clan Sempill

Genealogy Link List

Scotland has an unparalleled set of records, in terms of coverage and accessibility online and physically. For more, visit our Scottish Genealogy page.

This official Scottish Government site has most of the records the genealogist will need.

Land and tax records, and in many cases maps and photographs, concerning places and the people who lived in them.

The National Library of Scotland ( has an incredible array of digitised records and indexes for Family History.

Not every record is available online. Start at the Scottish Association of Family History Societies

Other links
National Records of Scotland (NRS)

National Register of Archives for Scotland (NRAS)

Scottish Archive Network (SCAN)

Court of the Lord Lyon

Scottish Register of Tartans (SRT)

The National Archives (TNA)

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