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Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC244818) first registered in 2003

The Directors are: David John Bruce Durie
David Donald Alexander James Durie

Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is based in Edinburgh, Scotland





Talks, Teaching and TV

Dr. Bruce Durie is available for talks, lectures, TV and radio appearances, webinars and other communications

Examples of Webinars

Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 11 of 12: Myths, Stories and Pitfalls in Scottish Genealogy



University Teaching

Dr. Bruce Durie founded and ran the much-acclaimed Postgraduate Program in Genealogical Studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

  He developed it into an online, one-year full-time or three-year part-time Masters programme in Genealogical Studies, along with other shorter courses.


He now teaches occasional courses on Genealogy, Documents and Heraldry at the University of Edinburgh



Dr. Bruce Durie is regular contributor to Verborgen Verleden, the Dutch TV version of Who Do You Think You Are


BBC Radio Scotland

Digging Up Your Roots ran for eight series...

...and A House With A Past for two series.

User Reviews of Legacy webinars 2019-20

  • Enjoyed it very much - thanks so much!

  • Absolutely Brilliant, Brilliant Speaker, Brilliant Resources, and always a bit of humour. Thank you so much for this series. BRILLIANT

  • Always so many resources and lots of information.

  • Always thorough and clear.

  • another excellent webinar, a lot of interesting points.

  • AWESOME webinar! So much valuable knowledge. Love his accent! Love his sense of humor! This is so helpful! 18-20-ish % Scottish with Irish here. One surname is McBridge. Thanks to all.

  • Best series ever!

  • Bruce is a great resource. Very informative and useful.

  • Bruce's webinars are some of the best.

  • Could listen to Bruce all day! Wonderful material, logically presented (with humor) and LOVE his accent.

  • Dr. Durie has a wonderful way of simplifying the topic without talking down to people. I found so much guidance in so little time. Thank you.

  • Enjoyable, understandable and informative.

  • Excellent

  • excellent resources!

  • Excellent!

  • Excellent.

  • Excellent. Looking forward to finding the place the Meek/Meeks family lived prior to 1777 in Scotland.

  • Exceptional presenter

  • Fabulous Webinar with Dr. Bruce Durie

  • Fantastic webinar with lots of very useful tips and resources.

  • Great to find on line sites I did not know existed

  • Great! I am researching both lines for my husband, his parents are both Scottish and German. Learning a lot! Thanks :)

  • Inspiring, lots of ideas to further research, which I'd never know about!

  • it is interesting to find so many free sites to get started with in Scottish research. Thanks Bruce and also to you Geoff for organizing all of these webinars. This is awesome!

  • It's my first one, and I found it understandable, enjoyable, and useful.

  • Lots of great info!

  • One of the best webinars you have had! Bruce is so interesting and fun to talk to. I felt I was there in person and he was talking directly to me. Thank you!

  • Since my Scottish Ancestry is prior to the American Revolution, I have never attempted to search records in Scotland. Now I know how to get started.

  • So much great info about searching in Scotland!

  • The best ever! The entire series by this presenter is just wonderful!

  • Very interesting - lots of helpful information - thank you

  • Very interesting and informative.

  • Very motivating. Being from Brittany, in France, It gives me a lot of clues to search for my Scottish ancestors. Thanks to Dr. Bruce Durie!

  • Very nice, wonderful links

  • Wonderful series on Scotland! Thanks so much to Bruce, Geoff, Marian & Legacy for providing these. I've done some Scottish research, but am realizing there's so much more I could do!

  • Wonderful set of resources, just what I needed! Thanks!

  • Wonderful speaker, so much great information - Thank you!



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