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Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC244818) first registered in 2003

The Directors are: David John Bruce Durie
David Donald Alexander James Durie

Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is based in Edinburgh, Scotland





Transcription and Translation

Do you have an old document you can?t read and would like interpreted or fully transcribed or translated?
Languages include early Scots, English and Latin.


Older documents can be baffling.

The handwriting may difficult to read, there may be unfamiliar words or phrases, or the document may be in Scots, Latin or another language.

Also, the relevant laws will likely have changed since the document was written, which will affect its interpretation.

Dr. Bruce Durie offers a complete service, from simple extraction of key names, places and details, to full transcription, translation and interpretations. Documents can also be sourced.

Contact Dr. Bruce Durie for more information.


Or, you may be interested in this book:

Understanding Documents for Genealogy & Local History available via

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