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Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC244818) first registered in 2003

The Directors are: David John Bruce Durie
David Donald Alexander James Durie

Ancestral Scotland Ltd. is based in Edinburgh, Scotland





Dr. Bruce DURIE

Who is Dr. Bruce Durie?

Bruce Durie is considered one of Scotland's top genealogists, with an international reputation.

  He is perhaps best known for his eight-year BBC radio series, “Digging Up Your Roots” and “A House with A Past” (see Talks, Teaching and TV) and he has authored over 30 books, including the best-selling Scottish Genealogy now in its 4th edition. (

  His background is in medicine and neuropharmacology, as well as holding a doctoral degree in history and education.

Bruce Durie and wife Carolyn, receiving the Order of the Flaming Caber, Tartan Day South, Cayce, South Carolina, USA, 2016

  Bruce founded the much-acclaimed Postgraduate Program in Genealogical Studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where he developed an online, one-year full-time or three-year part-time Masters programme in Genealogical Studies, along with other shorter courses. He now teaches courses on Genealogy, Documents and Heraldry at the University of Edinburgh.

  He is Shennachie (Genealogist and Historian) to the Chief of Durie (see

  Bruce is a Founding Member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists ( and of the Editorial Boards of two scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, Genealogy ( and The Journal of Genealogy and Family History (


The Fulbright Senior Scottish Studies Scholar Award 2015-16 was held at the Scottish Heritage Center, St Andrews University, Laurinburg, Scotland Co., North Carolina.

  He was appointed the US-UK Fulbright Senior Scottish Studies Scholar, spending seven months of 2016 researching Scottish Migration at St Andrews University, Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA.

  He is well known for speaking, lecturing and presenting workshops on various aspects of Scottish genealogy, heraldry, history and culture worldwide but particularly in the UK, USA and Canada.

  In he was elected an Academician of the prestigious Académie Internationale de Généalogie ( and is the only member from Scotland.

Arms of the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland

  He also has Right of Audience at the Court of the Lord Lyon ( and may petition for Arms on behalf of others (see Scottish Heraldry and Coats of Arms)

cordiners logo_0001cordiners logo_0001  In 2014 he became a Freeman and Burgess and a member of the Incorporation of Cordiners in the City of Glasgow, Scotland.



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